The music festival Popaganda will be held at Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm, Sweden, on the 28th – 29th of August 2014.

The Popaganda festival and clubs are arranged by the Popaganda organization in association with Luger. This year is the seventh time that the Popaganda festival is arranged at Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm. It is the twelfth festival since the start in 2002, back then located on the campus of the Stockholm University.

The line up 2015 (so far)

James Blake

Seinabo Sey




Joel Alme


Click here to buy your ticket!


Festival pass (2 days): 750 SEK + handling fee

Maximum four tickets per person and purchase.

– – –

You can pay with VISA or Mastercard, or through direct payments via Internet bank.

For purchase via telephone call Tickster at +46 (0) 771-47 70 70.

For questions regarding tickets please contact Tickster by email: support@tickster.com or by phone: +46 (0) 771-47 70 70

If you are in a wheelchair and need access to wheelchair platforms, you need to contact Tickster in advance so that we can calculate how big we need to build the platforms.


If you want to buy your ticket second hand we recommend that you buy it from Tickster resale. This service is free of charge. Popaganda strongly advise you not buy second hand tickets other than from Tickster.

Upon your arrival to the festival area the barcode on your ticket will be scanned. Only the first scanning of the barcode validates entrance to the festival. If more than one ticket were to be detected, the barcode scanner will alert that the ticket has already been scanned and the attendant will be denied entry.

Any suspected fraud will be reported to the police.


45 thoughts on “English

  1. Saturday is not sold out yet (as of Saturday 1:20). Buy tickets online or for 500 SEK at the festival. Welcome!

  2. Does somebody know if it`s already sold out? I really would like to go tomorrow (saturday) and I can`t find information about how many tickets there still are.

  3. Hi! I’m new here in Sweden. One week is left since my arrival. I’m an Au Pair in Uppsala for 9 months and I have no accompainment for this festival. Is someone interested here to accompany me? Please write to anne.schmelzle@gmail.com.
    Im looking forward to an great festival.

  4. Hey There!
    is it possible to get the time table till end of the week? ´cause i´m going to fly at Sunday and after that there will be no possibility to get to the internet

  5. It is a pitty to know that Robyn from Saturday is moved to Friday, considering that tickets are bought in advance to see on Saturday two main acts – Robyn + Hot Chip. :( If we know in advance that Robyn is scheduled for Friday, we would consider purchase of 2 day ticket. Such line-up change is really really aggrieving and confusing, considering that we are attending Popaganda from abroad. :(

  6. Lykke Li? The Radio Dept.? The Pains of Being Pure at Heart? Camera Obscura? Air France?

  7. Like, really. Everyone knows that Washed Out has been opening for Beach House, so, come onnnnn! Bring Victoria Legrand. Pretty Please?

  8. The Maccabees!!!
    Jonathan Johansson!!!!
    The Knife!!!

    …we are going ANYWAY!!!

  9. i would be over the moon if one of these bands could play: MGMT, Noah and the Whale, Neutral Milk Hotel, Justice, Daft Punk or CALVIN HARRIS! Please, I am almost sure that CALVIN HARRIS would say yes! He is unbelievable!!!

  10. The dates and times for the bands will be set later during the summer and will be announced as soon as possible.

  11. Will Neon Indian be playing on Fri or Sat? Please dear Lord on Saturday!

  12. Yes, will belle and sebastian be playing on friday or saturday? please say saturday!

  13. Hi everybody!
    Does someone Knows the dates for the Popaganda Fest this summer 2010??
    Is just that I hace to ask for my hollidays and don t know when!!!

  14. If anyone has made pictures of Lykke or MGMT and put them on somekind of website I’d be very glad to see them.

  15. I would like to know if its possible to get a day pass as I only can make it there for saturday.

  16. sigur rós, belle and sebastian, just jack!!! please:) or passion pit, kings of leon, jamie t, bloc party, kings of convienience!

  17. Ok, I’ve checked on CUT COPY and ROBYN pages: no dates for 28-29 august.. you can book them ;-D

  18. i totally agree
    with “the Purple crayon” – go for Billie The Vision And The Dancers and i will certainly be there

  19. pretty lights, ratatat, sts9, schmongle…please, please add some heady electronica or dj’s.

  20. How about The Dead Weathers to play.
    Can you get The Camden Slags to DJ too

  21. The ting tings, the kings of leon, glasvegas… pretty pretty please?!?!?!?!

  22. Is there any chance of Keane performing?
    Jag älskar Keane och Camera Obscura 😀

  23. We loved it so much last year we are coming again this year from England. If you could book one of the following it would be awesome….
    La Roux, Datarock, Annie, V.V Brown, Animal Collective, Strange Boys, Black Lips, Glass Candy or Lindstrom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. I wish you could book one (or more) of the following:

    Metric, Ladyhawke, Keane, Doves, Editors, Glasvegas, Cut Copy, Royksopp, Delays, Maximo Park, Those Dancing Days, Kleerup..

  25. i would just like to know if the shout out louds are possibly playing at the popaganda festival this year as well???

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