The music festival Popaganda will be held at Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm, Sweden, on the 29th – 30th of August 2014.

The Popaganda festival and clubs are arranged by the Popaganda organization in association with Luger. This year is the seventh time that the Popaganda festival is arranged at Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm. It is the twelfth festival since the start in 2002, back then located on the campus of the Stockholm University.

The line up 2014

Veronica Maggio
Lily Allen
First Aid Kit
Icona Pop
London Grammar
Twin Shadow
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Say Lou Lou
Vit Päls
Nicole Sabouné
Little Jinder

After parties

When the music quiets on Eriksdalsbadet the festival continues through the night at the after parties!

The after parties is not included in the festival ticket, but as a festival goer you get a discounted entrance fee. A limited number of discounted presale tickets will be sold in the info booth at the festival venue. There will be a separate line outside the clubs for those who have bought a presale ticket, and you are also guaranteed entrance to the after party. Entrance fee: 100 SEK with festival wristband, 120 SEK without wristband (except Debaser Medis, on Saturday 29, 150 SEK).

Age limit: 18 years with festival wristband, 20 years without wristband

Friday, August 29

Debaser Medis

Opening hours: 10 pm-3 am

Entrance fee: 100 SEK with festival wristband, 120 SEK without wristband

Live: Kate Boy + Colleagues
DJ’s: LLOJD + Flickpingis

Göta Källare

Opening hours: 10 pm-3 am

Entrance fee: 100 SEK with festival wristband, 120 SEK without wristband

Live: Wolf Alice (UK) + Ida Redig + 1987
DJ: Club King Kong

Debaser Strand

Opening hours: 10 pm-3 am

Entrance fee: 100 SEK with festival wristband, 120 SEK without wristband

Live: Amason
DJ: Heaven Up Here

Saturday, August 30

Debaser Medis

Opening hours: 10 pm-3am

Entrance fee: 100 SEK with festival wristband, 150 SEK without wristband

DJ-sets: John Talabot (ES) + Baba Stiltz + Mayka

Debaser Strand

Opening hours: 10 pm-3 am

Entrance fee: 100 SEK with festival wristband, 120 SEK without wristband

Live: Basia Bulat (CA)
DJ’s: 2014 + Umeå Open

Göta Källare

Opening hours: 10 pm-3 am

Entrance fee: 100 SEK with festival wristband, 120 SEK without wristband

Live: Beatrice Eli + Naomi Pilgrim + Dante

DJ: Ugglenatten

The Lineup 2014

The lineup for Popaganda 2014:



Festival pass (2 days): 750 SEK + handling fee

Maximum four tickets per person and purchase.

- - -

You can pay with VISA or Mastercard, or through direct payments via Internet bank.

For purchase via telephone call Tickster at +46 (0) 771-47 70 70.

For questions regarding tickets please contact Tickster by email: support@tickster.com or by phone: +46 (0) 771-47 70 70

If you are in a wheelchair and need access to wheelchair platforms, you need to contact Tickster in advance so that we can calculate how big we need to build the platforms.

If you want to buy your ticket second hand we recommend that you buy it from Tickster resale. This service is free of charge. Popaganda strongly advise you not buy second hand tickets other than from Tickster.

Upon your arrival to the festival area the barcode on your ticket will be scanned. Only the first scanning of the barcode validates entrance to the festival. If more than one ticket were to be detected, the barcode scanner will alert that the ticket has already been scanned and the attendant will be denied entry.

Any suspected fraud will be reported to the police.


The festival site is accessible to all guests with disabilities.

Both stages at Popaganda have a platform for wheelchairs and there will be specially adapted toilets on the festival site.

If you are in a wheelchair and need access to a handicap ramp/wheelchair platform, you must contact Tickster in advance in order for us to estimate the size of the ramp. You can contact Tickster at support@tickster.com or +46 771 47 70 70.

Festival goers with disabilities are allowed to have an escort with them into the festival at no extra charge. A valid certificate showing the need for an escort must be shown (from the municipality / the escort’s employer). This certificate must clearly show that the escort is on duty. ID must be shown.

You and your escort must check in together. At the check in you will exchange your ticket to a wristband and the escort will have a guest wristband upon presentation of the above mentioned certificate.


Since the Popaganda festival is located in the heart of Stockholm, camping facilities are not included in the festival ticket. There are several hostels and hotels near by. If you need accommodation, we recommend that you visit www.stockholmtown.com

If you want to stay near the festival area, look for a place at Södermalm, close to Skanstull if possible.

Age limit

The Popaganda festival has a strict 13-year age limit. This is due to government regulations for sound levels. We do not have permission to let any person under 13-years old enter the festival area. Because of these guidelines we cannot allow anyone to bring their small children, not even with earmuffs. You can read more about Socialstyrelsen’s rules here (Swedish).

To get in to the bar area you have to be at least 18 years old. The security staff will be checking ID cards at the bar entrance.


Matters concerning the festival and organization: info@popaganda.se
Popaganda club: klubb@popaganda.se
Press: press@popaganda.se
Sponsorship and retail on the festival area: niklas.lundell@luger.se

Popaganda on Facebook
Popaganda on Twitter


Eriksdalsbadet is a municipal swimming and sport centre near Årstaviken on Södermalm in Stockholm.

The outdoor bathing area was built in 1962 for the European Swimming Championships and since then there has been numerous of swimming competitions held at Eriksdalsbadet. Those who have grown up in Stockholm probably think of Eriksdalsbadet as their oasis in the summer heat, the place you went to when the beach was too far away. Since 1999 Eriksdalsbadet also have the largest and most modern indoor bath.

Before the outdoor bathing area was built there was a water treatment plant, but long before this was the place where the Eriksdals Theater was located. The Theater was unfortunately destroyed by a bomb which razed the Theater to the ground. This happened during the World War II, February 22, 1944. According testimony the bomb hit the ground right outside the fence where Popaganda’s main stage will be placed.

Find the site

Eriksdalsbadet is situated in the southern part of central Stockholm, called Södermalm. You get there by catching the tube to subway station Skanstull which is situated just 400 meters from the festival area. The nearest bus stop is also Skanstull. Bus no 3, 4, 55 and 74 will take you as close as 350 meters from the festival area. For further information about public transportation please check out: www.sl.se

View larger map.

If you live nearby

The festival will mean a bit more hustle and bustle in the area than usual. Of course we follow the government regulations for sound levels, and volume measurements will be made to secure that these levels not will be exceeded.

Hopefully those of you who live nearby will not be significantly disturbed by the festival, but if you do, we ask in advance for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about what is going on on the festival site.


There is no cash machine/ATM on the festival site. The nearest ATMs can be found at Ringvägen, just above Eriksdalsbadet.

More information

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at info@popaganda.se or ask us on Facebook or Twitter!

Opening hours

Friday: 2pm-12am

Saturday: 1pm-12am

You will find the schedule here.



Press contact: Niklas Ek +46 73 813 87 86 and Helen Allvin +46 73 971 66 52


Prohibited items on the festival area

When you come to visit Popaganda, please leave the following articles at home:

  • Food and drinks – There is food and drinks to be bought at the festival area. Vegetarian meals are available. Beer, wine and cider is available
  • Bottles, cans and other kinds of containers – No bottles, cans or such objects are allowed to bring in to the area
  • Umbrellas – A lot of people are coming to see their favourite bands, if every one would fold up an umbrella during rain, no one would see anything. We recommend that you bring rain-proof clothes instead. Or swimwear.
  • Pets – Mainly for their own sake
  • Chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, tents and other kinds of furniture – Simply because there is not enough room.
  • Musical instruments – We love music, but during the festival we let the bands on stage provide the musical entertainment
  • Knives and other weapons
  • Alcohol – Beer, wine and cider will be sold inside the venue.
  • Large backpacks / bags – Upon entering the area, the security staff will want to look inside the bags, imagine how much time it would take the get in to the area if every one brought large bags.
  • Filming or shooting for commercial use without permission is not allowed – but happy amateurs are more than welcome to shoot with SLR, compact camera or any other camera. The pictures cannot be used for commercial purposes, only private use is allowed - no matter the type of the camera.
  • Posters, promotional materials, papers or flyers – are not allowed to be set up or distributed without permission.
  • Children – The festival has a strict 13-year age limit, this is due to government regulations for sound levels.

There are no wardrobe or storage units on our outside the festival area.

Swimming area

You will be able to take a swim in one of the swimming pools from the opening of the festival until 7pm both days.

You are only allowed to swim in your swimwear. Not in your underwear, naked or any other clothing.

You are not allowed to drink alcohol before your swim.

After 7pm it is strictly prohibited to enter the pool.

The Popaganda Organization

Since the start the Popaganda festival has been arranged by the Popaganda organization, which currently consists of around 20 people who all work voluntarily with the festival and club. The members decide together which bands are going to play, probably making Popaganda the most democratic festival in Sweden.

Since none of us makes any profit from the festival, we only book bands that we like ourselves. The voluntary work is the main reason for the low ticket prices of the festival.


Would you like to help us create Popaganda 2014? You can now submit your volunteer application. As a volunteer you will work before, during and/or after the festival. Your work is a great contribution to the festival, to all its visitors and what in the end makes Popaganda possible! As a volunteer you will get

  • a festival wristband
  • at least one meal per working day
  • an after party with your new volunteer friends
  • to see the festival from a new perspective
  • new friends and experiences

Click here to get to the application form

Important! You must be 18 years old to work as a volunteer. Due to our location in the heart of Stockholm, there are no camping facilities available, and therefore no volunteer camping.
Do you have any questions? Please contact funktionar@popaganda.se


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